QUICK GUIDE: Ethical and Affordable Fashion Brands to Put on Your Radar!

{for college students, environmental enthusiasts, and everyone in between}

We all know the dangers of fast fashion. Between the significant damage it wreaks on our environment, the immense harm and exploitation it inflicts on poor underrepresented communities, and the unhealthy consumerist culture it promotes, it exists as one of the many sore spots in our society. Yet, unethical brands that very clearly do irreprehensible damage to the wellbeing of our environment and communities, like SHEIN and H&M, have continued to boom in the consumer market.

Indeed, we cannot deny the appeal of these brands, for their products are cheap, trendy, and convenient to purchase. Nevertheless, they are not the only brands out there that satisfy those consumer needs. In fact, there are a ton of brands that are doing amazing things to help combat the issues that fast fashion created in our society, many of which have gone under the radar because of the monopolistic nature of the former. Unsure where to begin with finding those brands? No worries, we have you covered. Below are five incredibly affordable and ethically sourced brands that are changing the narrative in the fashion industry and making a difference in the world at large.

Where to find Eco-friendly Activewear?

Threads4Thought is an eco-friendly brand that sells leisure clothing. Their products are made from a wide array of organic materials including organic cotton, lenzing modal (a CO2 neutral fibre made from beech wood) and recycled polyester. Recently they came out with a new fashion line called ReActive – an innovative activewear line consisting of clothing that was made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets. (Yes, we said fishing nets!). Apart from their sustainable efforts, they also work with the International Rescue Committee – through this partnership, the profit from each of their purchases goes to helping refugees combat humanitarian across the globe!

Where to find Sustainable Casual Wear?

PACT is another sustainable brand that’s perfect for finding casual wear for the whole family! Here, you will find everything from cute sleepwear sets for kids of all ages to casual tees for dad. All of their clothes is all made from toxin-free organic cotton material and is packaged in 98% post-consumer recycled materials. Their clothes are also manufactured in fair Trade Certified factories, which provides employment in local communities and ensures rigorous social, environmental and economic standards are met for their workers.

Where to find Ethical Accessories?

KrochetKids is a social justice fashion brand that caters to men, women, and children. The products they sell are wide ranging from clothing to toys, but they are perhaps best known for their cozy accessories – all of which are made from crochet yarn! Through their partnership with Capable – a non-profit that provides educational, economic, and occupational resources to impoverished communities – they help provide ethical and meaningful job opportunities to people in financially disadvantaged areas. Their brand is centered on empowering these workers through social impact programming and worker transparency; (on each label, you will actually find signature credit given to the worker that produced the item)!

Photo: KrochetKids

Where to Find Environmentally-Conscious Shoes?

Allbirds are an eco-friendly brand that’s known for its high-quality trendy shoes. Their shoes are impressively made from a variety of natural materials – their polyester laces, from recycled plastic bottles, their insoles, from sugar cane and castor beans, and their exterior from a tree fibre called TENCEL Lyocell. Most notably, the inner and outer layers of their shoes are made from merino wool – an incredibly powerful fibre that has a reputation for being a favorite amongst hikers, as its breathable, soft, anti-allergenic, odor-resistant, and water-repellent. Even more, all of these materials are sourced from sustainable farms and the packaging they are shipped in is green – with 90% of it being made of recycled cardboard!

Photo: Allbirds

Where to Find Even More Affordable Fashion?  

This last one is an inspiring fashion brand dedicated to providing their consumers with products that are both ethically sourced and affordable. LoveJustly sells just about everything – from clothing and jewelry, to home & bath supplies! They are partnered with companies that showcases the talents of as well as ensure better livelihoods for artisans in disadvantaged communities across the globe. Their products are beautifully handcrafted while being simultaneously (and shockingly) economical – with shirts as low as $6! Icing on the cake, with every purchase, %5 of those earnings goes to supporting Legacy Collective, an organization centered on transforming the sustainable and social structures of underrepresented communities around the world!

Photo: LoveJustly

Well, there you have it! A quick guide with five amazing businesses to help you shop more socially and environmentally conscious. We hope we have inspired you with these wonderful and immensely underrated brands. For access to and more information on brands ethical of the such, download the Rebolt browser extension!